Moving Day (courtesy cwwycoff1 at Flickr CC)

Welcome to Sheila Guides You To The Good Stuff,  where we’ll be talking about using the social Web (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for better travel, tourism and destination marketing and economic development.

This blog will be my new “home” for that topic, but right now it is a temporary placeholder for my blog of the same name.

I will move all of my other Sheila Guides…. content over here very soon, plus (I hope!) all of my RSS and email subscribers, too.  This is a self-hosted blog on BlueHost, which means I pay for it but get more features and control than the blog, which is free but has some limitations.

I will need that control when I launch a new business in September, Tourism Currents, with Becky McCray.

Moving Day is planned for either Monday or Tuesday, July 13 or 14, with the help of my WordPress guru friend Jennifer Navarrete.

I expect some broken crockery, smooshed boxes and empty rolls of packing tape laying about, so please excuse the mess!


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