TC LogoSuch a deal we have for you….

My business partner Becky McCray and I are very proud of the content we’ve pulled together on our Tourism Currents membership site – tons of resources in our first, introductory lesson focused on social media for tourism professionals.

However, only our paid members can see most of it  —  access to our monthly Newsletter and the option to join our Flickr Group Pool are free with sign-up, but everything else is reserved for paying members.

While we think that our insights are well worth US$45 or US$75 a month (at the two least expensive membership levels) for such detailed, specific content spread over six months of lessons, we understand that budgets are tight and people want to ensure that they’ll get their money’s worth for their investment.

So, we decided to throw open the doors, lift the pay firewall starting right NOW (just after 11:45 CST on Tuesday, September 29) and as long as you register for the free Newsletter-level membership, you’ll have access to ALL of our content, including the stuff you’d normally pay for, until 12 midnight on Friday, October 2.

Here’s how you get in:

  • Go to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and sign up for the no-charge Newsletter Membership.
  • Head back to the site, log in and poke around.  We recommend that you start here: The Introduction to the Introduction.
  • Right now, you’ll see the full Introductory lesson, with three huge text lessons, three video interviews, tons of examples specifically for tourism and extras in the Resources section….without paying a cent!

    But wait, there’s more. A blender! Ginsu Knives!

    Sorry, not really, but as another bonus during the Open House, you can also upgrade to a Regular membership for the Just the Basics price.

    Here is what you get at the Regular level, normally $75 per month:

    • Access (along with other members) to a monthly one-hour live video Q&A/round table discussion with Becky and me,  concentrating on the lesson topic for the month. You want to “pick our brain?” Here ya go!
    • Access to all lessons – a new one each month – including video interviews and takeaways/checklists.
    • Access to the Tourism Currents Member Forum.
    • Monthly newsletter and access to full newsletter archives.

    During the Open House only, you’ll get this for US$45 per month instead of US$75 per month.

    Simply register at the paid “Just the Basics” level during the Open House timeframe, and we’ll manually upgrade you to “Regular” level on our site’s back end.  (Almost as nerdy as it sounds.)

    This offer is strictly limited, and ends midnight CST on Friday, October 2, 2009. Period. Finito.

    We think we have good stuff. We want you to check it out. It’s that simple.

    Thanks very much for your interest and support.