Japan and Paris Christmas ornaments (photo by Sheila Scarborough)If you have an account on the Flickr photo-sharing site – like the Pacific Aviation Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii or South African Tourism – it’s easy to make one of your sets of pictures into a little rotating gallery.

You can do this in a number of ways….in a blog post (the way you see it below in this post,) in a wiki page like this one for Jelly Coworking in Round Rock, Texas, or anywhere else that allows you to embed HTML code, which are the letters and numbers that are seen as text or graphics on a website.

Here’s how I did the Christmas ornament one featured here….

Go to the page in your Flickr account where you’ve grouped your set – here’s mine for the ornament pictures.  At the top right you’ll see a clickable link labeled “Slideshow.”  When you click that, it will open in slideshow mode.

Look again in the upper right corner, where it says “Share.”  Click that, and you’ll see two options: a URL to copy and paste somewhere, and “Grab the embed HTML.”  Copy the embed HTML to your clipboard (or right click the text to copy it) then paste the whole thing it wherever you’d like to show off your gallery.

In a blog post or wiki, for example, paste it when your draft is in “HTML” or “Source code” mode (the pasted code doesn’t seem to “take” in other modes.)  Include a direct URL link just before the gallery graphic – as I’ve done in this post –  in case the slideshow box can’t be seen on some readers’ computers.

That’s it! You’re a genius!  Happy Holidays….

For RSS readers and anyone who can’t see the box below, the URL for the slideshow is here.