There are a lot of different ways to call attention to your destination or attraction using video, so I’d like to start highlighting some of them on this blog to give you ideas and inspiration.

I found the video below on StumbleUpon, a public bookmarking site where people can literally “stumble upon” content (and share a thumbs up/down) by pushing a button on a tool bar.

The Iceland tourism organization is trying to dig out from under the negative travel publicity from their recent volcanic ash cloud, through a campaign called “Inspired by Iceland.”  I assume they’re using part of the money that Iceland-based marketing consultant Hjörtur Smárason talked about in his post Destination Marketing: How Would You Spend 3 Million Dollars on Publicity?

Lovely people doing a silly dance and making their destination look like fun; why not? There’s even a mildly racy hot springs romance moment that the average CVB in the US wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, but which I rather enjoyed.

More on Iceland from my Perceptive Travel editor Tim Leffel (great example of pulling multiple pieces from one trip:)