Some of you may have noticed the orange Alltop banner on my right sidebar, the one that says “Visit MyAlltop page.”

Alltop is a site that aggregates feeds (headlines and the first part of posts/articles) from a huge variety of websites and blogs, sorted by topic.

The founders call it an “online magazine rack,” and it is one of the best tools we recommend at Tourism Currents for finding bloggers in many different niches, from big to very focused.

Travel blogs? You’ll find plenty on the Alltop travel channel.

Skiing? Sure, there’s a Skiing channel.

New York Street Food channel? Yep. Yum!

Board games? Of course; get your chess, backgammon and other board game news on the Board Games channel.

There’s a tourism industry Alltop channel too; I helped to set it up with recommendations from experts like Todd Lucier, Sarah Page and Lara Dickson.

Wondering how to find and connect with relevant bloggers for your destination or attraction? Start with Alltop.