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Cities in Africa

Cape Town, South Africa Brian Spencer presents Best Sushi in Cape Town posted at Perceptive Travel Blog.

Cities in the Americas

Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada Anne-Sophie Redisch presents PhotoFriday: A Big Thing in Canada posted at Sophie’s World, saying, “Shediac, NB – the world’s lobster capital – where else but Atlantic Canada!”

Garrison, New York, USA Madeleine Begun Kane presents Get Thee To Troilus And Cressida posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Elizabeth R. Rose presents Santa Fe New Mexico – Top things to do and see posted at Examiner – Houston, saying, “Thanks for the opportunity.”

Anchorage, Alaska, USA Glennia presents The Anchorage Museum: A Great Place for Kids of All Ages posted at The Silent I, saying, “From our recent trip to Alaska.”

Omaha, Nebraska, USA Morgan Schwartz presents Body Scanners at Eppley Give Suburban Mom a Cheap Thrill posted at All Cracked Up by Vicky DeCoster, saying, “In between work, errands, and chauffeur service, Moms in Omaha might not have that many opportunities for excitement in their day. One Mom found the new body scanners at Eppley Airport good for a cheap thrill—and a little awkward self reflection.”

San Francisco, California, USA June Tree presents Are Personal Finance Tools Ready To Go Web 2.0? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Personal finance in San Francisco [as discussed at a finance conference.]”

New York, New York, USA Trinidad presents Hump Day Hooray: Free Things to do in NYC posted at The Budget Socialite.

Prescott, Arizona, USA Jack D. Wilson presents Prescott Arizona Elks Opera House – Resurrection and preservation 2000-2008 posted at Prescott Rocks!, saying, “Blog by former Prescott Mayor Wilson. This blog post is part 5 of a 7-part comprehensive history of the Elks Opera House.”

Orlando, Florida, USA Beth Blair presents Orlando Pirates Dinner Adventure posted at The Vacation Gals .

Canton, Ohio, USA Anthony McCune presents Steve Michaels’ Stark County Moment posted at Stark County, Ohio News And Views….

Port Angeles, Washington, USA Debbie Dubrow presents Experiencing Family Camp at Olympic Park Institute posted at Delicious Baby, saying, “A first hand experience at Family Camp in Olympic National Park. Family Camp is just like your childhood sleepaway camp, except with the entire family.”

Ashtabula, Ohio, USA Dominique King presents Visit the Hubbard House, an Underground Railroad station in Ashtabula, Ohio posted at Midwest Guest, saying, “Ohio is important in the history of the Underground Railroad, and this home we found on a quiet side street near Lake Erie in Ashtabula, Ohio, was one of the secretive stations in a particularly crucial and busy location along the Underground Railroad network.”

Sweetwater, Tennessee, USA Jennifer presents Lost Sea Adventure – Sweetwater, Tennessee posted at Two Kids and a Map, saying, “A great pitstop for the kids to stretch their legs and run around before getting back in the car!”

Cities in Europe

Catania (Sicily) Italy Mary Jo Manzanares presents Climbing Mt. Etna: MJ vs. the Volcano posted at Traveling with MJ, saying, “Climbing Mt. Etna is a high point when visiting Sicily. But when it’s you vs. the mountain, it doesn’t always go according to plan.”

Inverness, Scotland, UK Kerry Dexter presents Scottish Musician Sarah-Jane Summers Shares the Best of Inverness posted at Wandering Educators, saying, “From a top-notch fiddle player who is also a native of the Highlands: travel tips for Inverness and surrounds.”

Munich, Germany Kristie presents Germany Wins Against England posted at Norway – An American In Oslo.

Leeds, England, UK Danny Pugsley presents Ideas for family days out with kids in Leeds posted at My Life in Leeds.

Cities in the Middle East

Cairo, Egypt jim johnston presents CAIRO: GUT REACTIONS posted at Live On Arrival.

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