Communicating with technology in 1895 - Fritzi Scheff demonstrates Magnavox for Fifth Liberty Loan in New York City (courtesy Powerhouse Museum on Flickr Commons)How would your 25-year-old self react if he or she heard you say, “I’m too old to figure out all of this technology and social media stuff?”

Think about the words that might be used.

“Age has nothing to do with it.”

“You’re smart; what’s the problem?”

“You only need to be willing to learn and try.”

“If you can’t see the little smartphone screen, then put on some of those reading glasses you guys use.”

“But you love to write….tell stories….talk on the phone….see a good movie or TV show….meet people….share photos….  Is this so different?”

“Has this really happened to you? Why?”

Why, indeed.

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