Corner pocket, said Mr. Clearwater in 1911. He was the expert. (courtesy Library of Congress at Flickr Commons)Used to be, you had to outsource things like brochures, ad designs and websites because no one in the office had the design or technical expertise to build such things.

They probably still don’t, so brochures, ad designs and websites are still outsourced. You pay a lot for those services, but that’s OK if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Social media tools, on the other hand, are free (they take time, but not money.)  They are a way to connect with people and tell compelling stories about your destination, to entice visitors and put “heads in beds and napkins in laps.”

You’re all over that heads/napkins thing, right? It’s your J-O-B job.

Who is best in your office at connecting with visitors and telling stories?

Why do you pay someone else outside your office to do that?

YOU are the expert….and now you have the most powerful worldwide communications tools ever invented for you to go do your thing.

If you need a little help with tool mechanics, that’s why Becky McCray and I do social media training for tourism pros, but YOU are still the expert.

Don’t be afraid – revel in it.  You are what @SeattleMaven calls a “virtual concierge” for your town, and you’re better at it than almost anyone you could hire.

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