New land: end of the lava at Big Island Volcanoes National Park, on the So Much More Hawaii blogger's tour sponsored by Hawaii Tourism Authority (photo by Sheila Scarborough)Well, I did it.  I’ve given up my BootsnAll family travel blog, the first one I ever started (way back in February 2006.)

With my daughter starting college this fall, more speaking engagements coming up, all the things that we’re doing at Tourism Currents plus wanting to write a book about entrepreneurship….something had to go.

Although I’m still one of the Perceptive Travel blog contributors, and sometimes do guest posts on other people’s blogs, I’d like to have someplace to put travel content that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

One of the “rules” of blogging is that you don’t confuse readers by mixing up topics – if they come to read your thoughts on, say, gardening, don’t suddenly start adding posts about classic Mustangs.  Go start a separate Mustang blog, says the conventional wisdom.

Since I’m not interested in launching yet another new blog, I’ve decided that there is a way around this “rule” – actually my blogging mentor Liz Strauss gave me this suggestion – so I’ll start writing a few straight travel posts on this blog, but only run them on Fridays.

That way, people who come here to read about tourism and social media/tech can skip those days if they want to, and I’m not muddying the content waters too much (plus I’m announcing it ahead of time and not just springing some random post about Amsterdam on you.)

I don’t usually cover general travel news or do product reviews; these will be posts about places I visit and my personal experiences. Here are my thoughts on pitching and freebies disclosure, just so you’ll know how I operate.

Let’s talk (a little) about travel!

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