During a one-hour livestream last night, travel blogger and photographer Gary Arndt (Everything Everywhere) had lots of tips and ideas for how travel bloggers can work with tourism organizations and develop sponsorship opportunities.

One comment of his was dead-on accurate about scheduling.

Those who host blogger fam (familiarization) tours of their destination need to remember that bloggers operate somewhat differently from print writers. For one thing, we often publish on multiple channels, multiple times during a trip, and we publish before, during and after our visit, rather than creating one or two print articles six months down the road.

So, Gary reminded listeners that if you want lots of perspectives that appeal to different audiences, do not spend too much time sending groups of bloggers all to the same place at the same time.

You’ll get a simultaneous blast of similar tweets and Facebook posts from your guests, all about the same thing, because bloggers publish immediately.

Spread people out, and your coverage will have more variety and reach as well.

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