Although he couldn’t come in person to last year’s TBEX in New York (Travel Blog Exchange conference for travel bloggers – the sold-out 2011 TBEX is in Vancouver) I’ve never forgotten the “remote presentation” created by Brett the Amtrekker.

He’s on a quest to accomplish a big ol’ bucket list of experiences, and since he was on the road in Idaho at the time of the TBEX event, he sent us a video to show us how to do better travel video. Makes sense, right?

Notice the variety of camera angles, the editing down to make it as punchy as possible, that it happily breaks the “Video Must Be Under Two Minutes” diktat, the variation between distant shots and close up, the discussion of viral video mythology….really good information presented in a fun, engaging way.

Here’s what’s cool – he shot the whole thing by himself.

Brett sitting on a tree trunk talking? He set up a tripod for his camera, spoke the lines he’d planned for the video, then with editing software he cut back and forth, closeup and further away.  Everything else, the other clips, were pulled off of his hard drive (or wherever he stores them) and inserted in around his monologue.

Here’s the direct link to the Amtrekker travel video how-to video on YouTube.

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