Find your online super heroes! (courtesy kellee_g at Flickr CC)Where are the bloggers who might be a good fit for your destination or attraction, and how in the world do you find them, sort them out and connect with them?

How can you best reach out to online publishers who can become champions for you?

We’re offering a dynamite 90 minute webinar to answer those questions!

I’ve been blogging since early 2006, and my Tourism Currents business partner Becky McCray has been publishing online in one form or another since 2003, so we’re pretty well versed in how the community works, what drives bloggers crazy and what kind of outreach can be very successful.

Let us share our hard-won knowledge with you on Thursday, June 30 at 2 pm Central:

Finding Your Online Champions, with Tourism Currents

This one hour and 30 minute webinar plus Q&A will help you find your champions and other digital publishers, connect with them online and off, and increase their support of your destination marketing efforts.

It’s all part of our buildup to the Tourism track at BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Los Angeles, November 3-5 (where a blogger speed-dating session with CVBs and DMOs is on our menu!)

Here is what you will take away from the webinar

1)  Resources and guidance for sifting and finding the right sort of online publishers among the thousands out there.

2)  Tools and techniques for evaluating whether someone is a good fit to work with you.

3)   How to best approach and connect with bloggers and other champions of interest to you.

4)  Why outreach to niche online publishers and smaller audiences may reap bigger dividends for you than trying to chase high-traffic sites and worrying about Klout scores.

Sound good?

The webinar price of $29 includes access to the slides and a recording of the presentation that you can refer to again and again.

Even if you miss the live webinar, you’ll still have access to these items if you’ve registered.

For more information and to register, go here now.

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