In preparing the keywords section for our July 26 webinar with Travel Online Partners about SEO basics for tourism, I was struck by the obvious….if you have a rich vocabulary and are good at crafting descriptive sentences and well-organized paragraphs, you are perfect for SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

Why then do so many think that SEO is some sort of impenetrable, exclusive club for techies? Beyond any mumbo-jumbo you may have heard, SEO means creating content in a way that makes it easy for search engines (and people!) to find it.

Two words for those who may need to do some SEO for content written in English – English major.

Duh, right? Yes, you CAN get a job with it!

So can communications majors, journalism majors, heck even anthropology majors, because you know how to WRITE.

What words will people use in search engines to find your content, and how can you craft content to match what they seek?

Words. Yes, you can DO this….

PS – the SEO webinar info and signup is here, or if you some across this blog post at a later date, it will be available in our Tourism Currents Store, in the Webinar section. Thanks!

Word cloud for the SEO tourism basics webinar page (created on Wordle by Sheila Scarborough)

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