Everyone from a newbie travel blogger to an experienced destination marketing organization has confessed to me that the only thing they pay attention to on Facebook is how to get more followers and bigger numbers.

When I ask what they are even doing on Facebook – what are their business goals for their Facebook business Page – they really don’t know.

Hint: bigger numbers for their own sake is NOT a worthy goal, especially on a site where you own nothing, zilch, nada (Mark Zuckerberg owns it all.)

Just because something is a free social communication service doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require thought and effort to be successful….in fact, they all do, which is why social media is not really “free” except in monetary terms.  Done well, it is hard work.

What are your goals for your Facebook Page?

How do you capture data that you can control, like a supporter’s email address?

Since Facebook is a job, it deserves to be treated seriously, with metrics and goals and all that serious stuff.

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