Someone floated the idea recently (in a Facebook Group) of writing a textbook on social media for tourism.

My first reaction:  We’re already collectively writing it as we do it. The problem is capturing the best thoughts in one place.

Even if you wrote it as an ebook, you’d have to keep updating/rewriting/re-uploading the document (just like we do with our Tourism Currents online course, which fortunately uses WordPress publishing software so it’s easy to update.)

On the one hand, it’s not about the tools – which change constantly – it’s about how we use those tools as communicators.

How about a hybrid product: communications fundamentals in a book, with accompanying blogs that speak to specific areas like mobile, social, general digital, email, offline/print, etc. Maybe someone could build out an already-solid product like Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day.

How would you teach this topic, Professor? Let’s talk in the comments….

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