Foot on the gas pedal (courtesy loveheels at Flickr CC)

Every once in a while, I have to have someone thump me over the head about taking breaks.

When you love what you do and have a huge passion for it, the foot comes off the gas pedal very reluctantly.

But come off, it must.

Whenever I allow myself to acknowledge being tired, and to schedule in some down time (even if it’s simply to sleep a lot) I’m reminded how much better my brain functions when I don’t use it as a pile-driver.

I’ve returned from several truly interesting trips and conferences from Malaysia to Chicago to Mexico, several of which I haven’t even gotten around to writing about yet on here because….well, I couldn’t cram it in along with 8 billion other things plus jet lag.

Exercise, good food, time with family and friends, reading a favorite book over again, listening to my favorite Sunday radio program of medieval music, even stopping everything to scribble a few words here on the blog – they all help to restore me.

What’s your favorite way to relax and refresh your mind so you can think again?

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