Plug in at Comfort Inns with this charging station (photo courtesy Brandstand Products)You know how it is when you carry a lot of electronic and electrical gizmos.




Music player/iPod.


Video Camera.

We’ve all done it….the Bend-Look-Crawl-The-Floor dance as we poke around an unfamiliar hotel room, trying to find outlets to charge everything overnight before heading back out into the fray.

The floor lamp always loses and must sacrifice its outlet for your phone/camera/whatever.

On a recent trip to the Chicago Southland area (about 30 minutes outside the city) I found a new amenity in my room at the hotel and conference center in the Village of Orland Park – a big ‘ol multiplug charging station on the bedside table. The super-friendly front desk person told me as I checked in that they were being installed throughout all Comfort Inn properties.

I don’t see this as only a business traveler amenity, either; have you traveled with my 12-year-old son lately? We have to arm-wrestle for outlets.

This is the kind of thoughtful touch that more hotels should provide. It goes nicely with the free WiFi and free breakfast that almost every mid-range US hotel chain now offers, which means that for me, full service hotels aren’t worth my money but the mid-range ones like Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, etc. offer great value.

Disclosure:  I was a guest of the Chicago Southland CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) during this one-night stay, but I don’t think that’s why the front desk lady was so bubbly and helpful. The staff person on duty the next morning said she’s always like that. 🙂

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