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Cities in the Americas

Athens, Texas, USA   Tui Snider presents Historic Texas Graveyards: Athens City Cemetery posted at Tui Snider’s blog – writing, photos & travel, saying, “This is an iPhone Photo Essay from a recent visit to the Historic City Cemetery in Athens, Texas on an afternoon when the lighting was quite stunning. I hope you enjoy it!”

Chicago, Illinois, USA   Byteful Travel presents A Final Manifestation: Wandering Chicago & Journals from an Epic 175 Day Adventure posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “Chicago, IL – Today is an especially auspicious day. After so many dozens of entries, covering hidden gems, landmarks, and lessons learned, we’ve finally come to the end of the West Coast Adventure series. (Though never fear. An Grand East Coast Adventure is coming up.) But before I finally set foot in Wisconsin again, I took a final photo set during a brief exploration of Chicago with a new friend. And, in honor of this being the final article in the series, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do. I’m going to share with you some private entries from my personal log.”

Lima, Peru   Katie Sorene presents 6 Things that Surprised Me About Lima posted at Travel Blog – Tripbase, saying, “Most travelers head straight to Cusco and the wonders of Machu Picchu without a passing thought for Peru’s capital city, Lima. Don’t skip past it, surprises are in store!”

Ocean City, Maryland, USA   CharmingElements.com presents A Road Trip Vacation to Ocean City Maryland posted at Charmingelements.com, saying, “I discovered this vacation spot by accident when I thought I was making a reservation for a condo at Ocean City, New Jersey USA,”

Putnam Valley, New York, USA   Madeleine Begun Kane presents Dear Deer (Limerick and Photo) posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Savannah, Georgia, USA   Greg Field presents PHOTO GALLERY: River Street in Savannah, GA posted at NerdWallet | Travel, saying, “Photo-montage of Savannah, Ga. Some really great pics, enjoy!”

Puebla, Mexico   Lanora Mueller presents Holy mole! Mole poblano, that is, the most famously delicious dish of Puebla, Mexico posted at WritingTravel.com, saying, “In Puebla, Mexico, it’s possible to find mole sauce on your plate at any meal, morning, noon, or night.”

Nassau, Islands of the Bahamas   Foxy presents Foxing around the Bahamas posted at thegoldenfoxgirl.com, saying, “My adventures in Nassau, Bahamas!”

Panama City, Panama   Henry presents Four Beautiful Sights in Casco Viejo posted at Finding Freedom, saying, “This article provides a walking tour of the Casco Viejo neighborhood of Panama City, Panama. Casco Viejo, literally ‘old compound’, is Panama City’s old town. Once run down, the local government is aggressively restoring the neighborhood’s 17th century buildings to their former grandeur. Today, the neighborhood is a beautiful mix of colonial era churches, buildings and plazas that provide ample opportunity for photographers.”

Orlando, Florida   Eileen Ludwig presents Incredible Universal Minion Mayhem officially starts posted at Theme Park Boomers: Theme Park Tips.

Cities in Australia & New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand   Craig presents Things to do in Auckland harbour | New Zealand posted at Indie Travel Podcast.

Cairns, Australia   Kara Williams presents Five Family-Friendly Things to Do in and around Cairns, Australia posted at The Vacation Gals.

Cities in Europe

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom   Kerry Dexter presents Quiet Moments: Glasgow School of Art posted at Perceptive Travel Blog.

Venice, Italy   Katie Parnell presents 24 Hours in Venice: 5 Delicious Eats posted at Everything Cruises, saying, “Don’t settle for uninspiring food on a fleeting tour of Venice. Seek out these 5 delicious dishes in authentic eateries and dine like a Venetian.”

Berlin, Germany   Adam Groffman presents 35 unique things to do in Berlin posted at Travels of Adam, saying, “Looking for some of the best things to do on your visit to Berlin? Use this personal guide on things to do, places to see and foods to eat in Berlin.”

London, England, United Kingdom   Jim Liston presents London, UK travel pictures of and info about sites we saw while there. |jimsgotweb.com posted at jimsgotweb.com, saying, “Information about some of the sites London has to offer.”

Hundested, Denmark   Ken Lange presents 3 Folksy Stories from a Small Fishing Village posted at Kenneth Lange, saying, “One of the most interesting aspects of a town is the stories that the locals tell about it. Here’s a collection of three that I think are really great!”

Vienna, Austria   Matthew Fransioli presents Travel to Vienna Austria posted at Official Blog of Sixt rent a car, saying, “This is my first carnival….Thanks a lot, Matt”

Cities in Asia

Hpa-An, Burma   Shannon ODonnell presents A Little Musing…On Small Towns and Small Adventures in Hpa-An, Burma posted at a little adrift: a rtw travelogue, saying, “A look at the delights of traveling through the small towns and rural areas of Burma, particularly Hpa-An, a small city in the southeast.”

Shanghai, China   Gerard and Kieu presents Shanghai: Dumpling Duel posted at GQ trippin – see. eat. trip..

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