(Part of the Better Online Content” series of posts: quick tips on creating more effective content that takes advantage of the social web’s unique publishing environment.)

Presentations about social media and online publishing are a lot more effective if the audience can really see and understand what you’re trying to demonstrate or illustrate.

Screenshot of the Publish box in WordPress

That means that the folks in the back of the room have to see things clearly, too.

I take a lot of screenshots to illustrate my points when I’m conducting social media workshops for tourism; I’d rather go live online but hate to depend on sketchy conference venue WiFi. Although a standard screenshot image looks fine on a computer monitor, it is impossible to read when projected onto a screen. Expanding it simply distorts it.

The solution?

Blow it up to about 175% and THEN take the screenshot, crop it down to only what you need and fill the whole slide with it.

How do you blow it up?

In Chrome, look at the upper right side of your screen for a wrench symbol. Click that and you’ll see a “Zoom” option.

In Firefox, look at the top for the View drop-down, and Zoom is there.

In Internet Explorer, look at the top for the Page drop-down, and Zoom is there.

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