I know, tough gig when you have to go to Hawaii to speak, right?

Thanks very much to Technology News Bytes for inviting me out to Honolulu for the Hawaii Social Media Summit; there was a diverse and interesting speaker lineup (including the wonderful Nathan Kam and Liz Strauss) and the event was sold out.

My topic was social photography, particularly the many ways we’re starting to share photos from phones and mobile devices.  Pictures are a story in and of themselves, and they’re an easy, time-saving way to share in a world that is bombarded with text and “messaging.”

In addition to covering a bit about Instagram, Foodspotting, photo walks, Postagram, Pinterest and some other tools, I talked briefly about elements of good photography (lighting should fall onto the subject, fill the frame, lead the eye, steady the camera even without a tripod and experiment with the Macro setting) plus the SEO benefits of adding a simple title, description and tags to your photos.

I’d write more, but hey, I need to hit the beach over on the windward side of Oahu, so here’s the slide deck for you on SlideShare….

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