I’m always telling people that a blog is the most powerful communications tool available to connect with the entire planet and tell your story.

YOU control it, not Mark Zuckerberg, the Twitter dudes, Google or anyone else.

I also tell them that it is the most challenging tool available. You must keep publishing, all the time. You’re your own digital newspaper or magazine, which is great, but you’re also the publisher, the writer, the editor, the distributor, the ad sales team, the janitor, the night watchman and the gal who refills the candy and soda machine. It is fricking exhausting.

Sometimes, I just can’t do it all.

I’m busy helping launch a new training package on blogger outreach, writing about staying in a shack in Mississippi, finding out that I probably have frozen shoulder from too many years hunched in front of a computer and, oh by the way, trying to pay attention to my kids and family.

What fell by the wayside the last few months? My own blog.

Cobbler’s children going shoeless – the digital version.

Don’t worry, though. I’m still here, I still have plenty to say (duh, right?) and I’m beginning to get at least my good arm, if not the frozen one, around my workload.

Thanks for sticking around while I sort myself. 🙂

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