So, I’m writing this using my phone. Mercy it’s slow when you’re using tiny keys.

I’m not sure which app I’m using right now, though.

Weird, I know, but I’ve been playing with the SoundCloud app for Android, doing a test audio recording. When I poked at a “Share to WordPress” button in SoundCloud, and logged into this blog, I saw a bunch of posting options that go way beyond audio, so now I’m wondering if I’m actually in the WordPress app I downloaded awhile back but have never used.

See, I need to get a life, if this is my idea of fun on a Saturday.

Audio seems like a really underutilized type of content, so when I go to Alberta, Canada next week (disclosure: I’ll be a guest of their tourism board) I want to be able to record audio on the spot from my phone if I come across something cool.

I must be in the WordPress app; can’t see any way to add an audio file to this.

Just a blogger, wandering the digital wilderness….

Update from my laptop:  OK, I was in my phone’s WordPress app, not the SoundCloud one. The big “W” logo was the hint. *eye roll*  Unless I’m missing something, the only way to send my SoundCloud file to this blog is to record from the phone, then go get the embed code later and add it to the post, like the one below….