(Part of my Better Online Content” series of posts: quick tips on creating more effective content that takes advantage of the social web’s unique publishing environment.)

In the rush towards more visual content like photos and video, don’t forget about appealing to senses other than sight.

The SoundCloud app lets you record from your phone, so you could make audio reports from the field during a special event, for example.

I’m a text and visual person, so I have to keep reminding myself to think about whether I can tell a story through audio. I’m not doing very well so far, but here’s an example of how I’m trying to pay more attention….the rhythmic sound of train tracks coming up through the sink drain during my VIA Rail trip on the Canadian from Edmonton to Jasper, Alberta….

(direct link to “Train Drain Sounds” if you can’t see the embed box below)

There aren’t a whole lot of tourism organizations experimenting with SoundCloud, but I did find the Galveston, Texas CVB‘s regular podcast about upcoming events.

Here’s the news from the island for early August (update – this episode has been removed and it looks like they’ve stopped posting – but here is the link to their SoundCloud channel.)

How could you use sound in your destination marketing? Does it help to be able to record and share right from your phone?

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