Making a mess (courtesy jenpilot on Flickr CC)

Making a mess, aka living life with abandon (courtesy jenpilot on Flickr CC)

Yes, the blog looks different.

That’s because I made a mess.

This is what happens when you are trying to improve a blog’s loading speed (a site that is slow to load = bad, both for readers and for SEO.)

All you have to do while poking around and “fixing” things is to boldly pull a hunk of HTML code from the wrong spot, and the whole blog format goes bananas. It’s quite energizing, let me tell you.

I had to immediately find a simple WordPress theme that didn’t look too different than the old one, install it and then sweep up various bits of broken digital crockery.

The good news is that during all of the flailing, I learned a lot more about the back end of my blog, and gained a new appreciation for the flexibility of WordPress publishing software.

Learn something from your messes, and you’ll be more prepared to prevent messes in the future.

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