Red and White Fleet selfie in San Francisco Bay for eTourism Summit

Red and White Fleet selfie at sunset on San Francisco Bay for eTourism Summit

(Part of my very occasional Travel Post Friday series here on the blog)

I took this photo on a Red and White Fleet sightseeing cruise that went all over San Francisco Bay – it was an evening social event during the eTourism Summit destination marketing conference.

Many years ago, I was stationed aboard a U.S. Navy ship that was homeported in the Bay Area, and I enjoyed the chance to live for awhile in the city that is now so UN-affordable (which is a real shame.)

I tried to make the most of my time living there but now in hindsight, I’m not sure I realized back then how truly magical it is . . . the majestic rust-orange Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin hills, the sunny side in Oakland and Berkeley, all the little unique neighborhoods, the endless ocean stretching to the west, and the hodgepodge of people who all seem to be from somewhere else but are drawn to San Francisco’s tolerant environment and gorgeous surroundings.

If I could afford it, I’d move there in a New York minute.  😊

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