I’ve been limping along on a very old smartphone for a few years (a mid-range version of Gingerbread, for you Android OS geeks) but it was finally time to go into my T-Mobile store and retire the old gal.

After reading lots of reviews and having several good models in mind, I went with an HTC One primarily because of its excellent camera.

My old phone was an HTC, and its camera was better than my point-and-shoot in low light and especially in the close-up Macro setting (I’m a big fan of finding unique photo opportunities using Macro.)

The camera software that came with the phone also had some built-in filter options that I liked better than many of Instagram’s, and there are even more with this new HTC.

Your phone is not simply a phone. It is a publishing machine.

If you are a communications professional, that phone must be able to swiftly create and transmit content – photo, video, audio, text – across multiple social media networks, even while you are “out and about,” because that’s now part of what you do for a living.

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