Nebraska state tourism conference 2014 hashtag

Social media tools like hashtags are available to anyone. (2014 Nebraska state tourism conference hashtag, photo by Sheila Scarborough)

When it comes to social media excellence, the best tourism marketers and DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations) do certain things that are not necessarily driven by their size or budget.

Destinations like Pure Michigan, Experience Columbus (Ohio,) Visit Philadelphia, Travel Oregon, etc. all have a few things in common….

**  A very complete strategic plan that they don’t shove in a drawer, but actually use.

**  Specific marketing goals and a way to measure whether they’re getting there or not.

**  Lots of patience and a willingness to take the long view.

**  Community support and local involvement.

**  They do not launch on a social media channel unless they have thought it all the way through, and they kick butt wherever they are, never tolerating mediocrity. They know that it is better to not have an active account on a channel at all if they can’t do it right.

All of the above attributes are available to any town, attraction or hotel, even those with tiny budgets running a one-person operation.

Being small and having a small budget is a circumstance, but it isn’t an excuse.

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