Screenshot from Tourism Currents webinar content plan you'll actually use (courtesy Stephanie Weeks on Twitter)

Screenshot from a Tourism Currents webinar – no, they don’t all involve kittens and beer, but we do try to make it fun! (courtesy Stephanie Weeks on Twitter)

Sometimes the best way to figure out how to teach someone to do something is to struggle to do it yourself.

At Tourism Currents, we’ve hammered away for FOREVER about the importance of having some sort of content plan or editorial calendar for your destination marketing, no matter how rudimentary.

Our dirty secret is that we didn’t have much of a system ourselves.

We’d tried and tried to develop some sort of content planning process, and use “proper” templates, but nothing seemed to stick. Frankly, we’ve been blogging and doing social media for so long, we managed to get away with it for quite awhile, but finally, even we got sick of our own low-level flailing.

Since we knew that many tourism and hospitality pros needed a practical system too, we buckled down and came up with a usable process, then developed a hands-on workshop to teach clients how to make a simple content plan for the very next week.

Now, we’re also going to offer it as a webinar.

Join us on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 1 p.m. Eastern for a one hour, hands-on webinar that we’re calling Build a Social Media Content Calendar for Next Week.

A session recording will be available for those who register, including anyone who can’t attend the live event.

—->>  Update May 2019: yes, now you can buy the content planning webinar on-demand. For US$35 you get the recording, a PDF of the slides, and all of the handouts.

We’ll also provide five different handouts and templates, including a PDF of our slides.

If you want to walk away from a webinar with both a planning process and a draft content plan that you can actually put to use immediately, then this is for you.

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