Sound in tourism marketing a screenshot of the Sounds of Yellowstone landing page

What does your destination sound like? 

How can you incorporate more audio content and sound in tourism marketing?

With all of the visual noise on social media channels – being beaten over the head to post more Instagram Reels because Meta is trying to compete with TikTok – I think that sound is an underappreciated opportunity to tell a compelling aural story of your destination, attraction, or hotel.

We’ve talked about getting started with podcasting for destination marketing over on Tourism Currents, but I’m thinking of even more “snackable bits” of audio content that don’t involve an elaborate schedule or equipment.

Here are a few examples that have caught my ear lately…

**  This tweet by KOA Campgrounds with the happy sounds of camp, specifically a swimming pool:

You could add a lot to this: campfires crackling, cicadas singing, paddling sounds from a canoe or kayak, “plops” from fishing, and more.

**  SO many evocative sounds from Yellowstone National Park, via Yellowstone Park Lodges – singing lakes, elk rut, and more – Sounds of Yellowstone.

**  The award-winning Sounds Like Puerto Rico series from Discover Puerto Rico.

Here is the sound of the distinctive Puerto Rico coquí tree frog in El Yunque:

What does your destination sound like?

What are sounds that locals and frequent visitors would instantly recognize as yours alone?

Record them, and share them as part of your destination’s distinctive story.

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