Difference between writers and bloggers I'm so going to blog that SOBCON lanyard (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

I’m SO going to blog that – lanyard from the late lamented SOBCON business blogging conference (photo by Sheila Scarborough)

(Originally published in 2017, slightly updated)

This question came up in a Facebook discussion … what IS the difference between a writer and a blogger?

As someone who has blogged since February 2006 and was a print writer before that, here was my answer:

A writer writes.

A blogger:

  • Writes
  • Shoots photos
  • Shoots video
  • Operates online publishing software like WordPress, used on this website
  • Knows how to distribute and promote her/his work to email subscribers, via social media, and using savvy SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

Crummy writing is still crummy writing. You have to be able to write your story or be informative in a compelling way, with rich vocabulary and a narrative flow that makes sense, but the blogger skill set is much larger. It has to be, given the demands of today’s digital content platforms.

Even though I never imagined having to learn how to be a better photographer, or having to hone some basic video skills, it is a necessity if I want to reach people when publishing online. Video in particular is not easy for me; I have to push and push myself to keep shooting, get better, and create in both vertical and horizontal formats.

I’m happy to say that I’m a writer, but I’m even more proud to call myself a blogger.

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