The Carnival of Cities Blog Carnival

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(Update July 2015 – the Blog Carnival website has up, down, and mostly unreliable for over a year, so unless there’s a miraculous recovery, it’s time to disregard this page.)

Since February 19, 2007, I’ve been the organizer of the Carnival of Cities, where we tour the world in a single post, via submissions from a variety of different blogs, all about any aspect of one, single city or fair-sized town….and my definition of “town” is rather elastic.

It’s a blog carnival, which is very “old school” way for one blog to share posts submitted by a variety of  other blogs, all around one theme or topic, on a regular publishing schedule.

When I first started blogging in February 2006, one suggestion on a favorite blog of mine (Free Money Finance, still going today) was to build inbound links and traffic by submitting posts to relevant blog carnivals, so I did.

There aren’t very many good carnivals left, and they can get overrun by spammers if you aren’t vigilant because people now realize that blog carnivals have value for SEO and link-building.

That’s not the main reason I keep mine going, though. I keep running it because over the years, I have found lovely people and interesting blogs via the submissions, and I don’t want it to stop.

If you would like to host a future Carnival edition on your blog, please contact me at sheila “at” sheilascarborough “dot” com. Thanks!

To see the current and next editions, and to submit a post yourself, here is the Carnival of Cities info page.