Tourism Currents – the social web for tourism professionals Alva Glen, Scotland, the photo on our very first Tourism Currents website (courtesy BJMcCray at Flickr CC)On September 9, 2009, my business colleague Becky McCray and I launched a social media-focused online learning community.

We offer online and in-person training in social media for tourism and hospitality, including multi-part lessons, a free newsletter, and more.

In late April 2012, we were thrilled to add destination marketing expert Leslie McLellan to our training team. Becky is now with SaveYour.Town, and Leslie and I are the full-time Tourism Currents team.

We are Tourism Currents, and we are super-excited about bringing more value and impact from the social web to destination marketing, hospitality, and downtown/economic development.

If you’d like to hear more, please click here to see the details on the Tourism Currents website. We are happy to work with you to train your members and tourism partners as well.

You can also find us on Twitter as @TourismCurrents, on our Tourism Currents Facebook Page and our Tourism Currents LinkedIn Page.

Thanks for your interest!